Some Subversion Annoyances

StatCVS and CVSGraph don’t work anymore…

A few things really bug me about Subversion. Overall, I like it, and will continue to use it, but there have been a few casualties along the way from the CVS-to-Subversion migration:

  • CVSGraph doesn/t work anymore. I know TSVN has a built-in revision viewer, but a) the graphs aren’t as nice, and b) have you ever tried it on a tree with a large number of revisions? Good luck!
  • The Eclipse CVS plugin. Now, I know that you can download SubClipse, but it’s extra effort, and it’s not as mature, or stable, as the built-in CVS equivalent. Plus, you need to download extra dependencies to get it to work.
  • Those nice StatCVS reports won’t work any more, either. Which I found out when a maven:site command bombed out 75% of the way through.

I know these are relatively small issues, and I’m sure they will be resolved in time, but they are annoying.

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