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Old Articles

Using libldap, the LDAP CLient API – explores using the OpenLDAP client API from C. Published on O’Reilly’s, August 2003

How Linux Saved My Files and My Job – details my experience with recovering data from a dead Windows lappy using a Linux rescue distro. Published in Linux Journal, May 2004.

Some articles (actually part of a blog) that I kept over at for a little while. It’s amusing to see how antiquated some of this stuff is now.

O/R Mapping and Performance – Published April 2004.

JDO 2.0 vs. EJB 3.0 – Published May 2004.

CVS, BugZilla, Anthill, and Clover – Published May 2004.

Struts 1.2, Hypersonic and Hibernate – Published May 2004.

JavaOne 2004 – Published July 2004.

A New Year roundup of some stuff that I thought was important back then (January 2005). Apparently I was looking forward to the release of Apache Geronimo and EJB 3.0. Hey, I’m no Mystic Meg.