Old/Archived Projects


RMathlib/kdb+ – a wrapper interface between kdb and Rmathlib. Provides an interface to some probability distribution functions and random number generation utilities implemented in the R engine to kdb+. The project is on github:

FIXDump/FIX2Json A Unix/Windows console utility to dump FIX files to a human-readable output on the console. A companion utility dumps FIX messages to a basic JSON-formatted output. See A similar project with no FIX library/XML parser dependencies is here:

Code2HTML – A C++-based syntax highlighter for C/C++ files. Very crude and just a little learning exercise way back when. The github repo is here.

FormSnoop – back in the day before nice browser extension APIs, and also back when I was a Win32/C++ programmer, Microsoft provided a way of integrating with IE via C++-based Browser Helper Objects. These were basically COM objects that allowed you to intercept and script browser behaviour. This utility utilized this API to grab the contents of any forms on screen when a special hotkey was pressed, serialize it to disk, and then restore the form contents when a different hotkey was pressed. This was a small utility, but it wrapped up a few elements and was quite interesting to write: tray icons, Win32 mutexes, COM, IE, serialization, hotkey hooking, etc. I’ve dumped the source on github.

Maven Timestamp Plugin – strange as it may seem, for a long time Apache Maven didn’t provide the basic functionality to make a build timestamp available as a build property. I wrote a simple plugin to generate a formatted timestap based on a user-supplied format string and inject this into the build as a property. This is now redundant as Maven now has this functionality. Github source here.